After I had been using AQ Active Skin Serum for about a month, I was walking down the hall when a colleague of mine (Dr. T.) stopped me and asked me, “What have you done to your face?” It dawned on me that the only thing different in my facial routine was AQ. I told her about AQ. She then stated, “You look like you’ve had a face lift.” The compliments on my face have been countless. My crows feet are markedly diminished as are all the other wrinkles on my face. I no longer need fillers for my nasolabial folds because they have lifted with regular use of AQ. This product does as it promises. I have used TNS, prevage, retin A and prevox. AQ works 10 times better than any of these! I will never stop using AQ Active Skin Serum and Eye Serum!
– Dr. Roybal

I was at a jewelry party and someone whom I had just met asked “Who’s your laser doctor?” Turns out we had the same one. She said my skin was amazing and why so, if we went to the same MD? I told her I have been using AQ Active Skin Serum and Eye Serum. I told her to guess my age. She guessed “40”. Was she ever shocked to find out I am almost 60 years old. AQ skin serum decreased the uneven color of sun damage to my face.
– Lydia

I am a lifelong tennis player and being a man I did not much care for sun protection. You can just imagine how damaged my skin was after 62 years in the sun. It has been 3 months since I started using AQ Active Skin Serum and Eye Serum. The wrinkles on my forehead and the crows feet around my eyes have decreased by 50%. My discoloration “old age spots” are markedly diminished as well. This is the only skin product I use.
– Steve

After using AQ Active Serum once or twice per day for two weeks, I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in the overall appearance of my skin and a very significant reduction in the wrinkles around my eyes and my forehead. The longer I use it, the more improvement I see. Thank you to the doctors who invented this easy to use serum. I’ll be using this product daily for years to come.
– Doris H., Miami, FL

AQ Active Serum is an amazing product. After just one week of using the serum once a day, I noticed a vast difference in the look and feel of my skin. My skin felt softer and looked much more youthful, with fewer wrinkles and a greatly enhanced looking texture.
Mike B., San Diego, CA

After using the active serum for just a few weeks we’ve already seen a significant improvement in my skin color and texture. There is visible improvement in the elasticity and my skin feels much softer. We are so excited to offer your product!
– Trina A.

I use Active Serum everyday on my face and chest. It works far better than any other product that I have tried. My face looks much smoother, and my chest no longer has that dry, wrinkled appearance from exposure to the sun here in South Florida.
– Laura K., Boca Raton, FL

I purchased the product last month at my dermatologist’s office and started using the Active Serum twice daily. I am astounded by the results that started occurring after the first week of use. My skin has not looked better in decades.
– Keri, CA

Nothing compares to this product; I am 42 and this serum has smoothed out the few crows feet I had and practically wiped out the dark circles! I love this stuff….
– Jeannette

Just turned 40 and was noticing wrinkles and circles around my eyes. Started using Eye Serum two weeks ago and the wrinkles and circles have almost disappeared.
– Georgia M.

I use the Eye Serum along with Active Serum from AQ, and in about 1 week noticed dramatic improvement in my skin, including much less darkness under my eyes.
– Michele P.

This product is GREAT!! wow, I have to say I am very impressed. I tried many products, like 35 of them and none of them worked. Thank you AQ and keep it up.
– Linda Kang

Used this after a laser procedure and felt immediate relief. A very effective serum!
– Georgia

Your eye serum is amazing! My skin feels plump and smooth!
– Yuri N.

– CJ